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"Health is so much more than simply the absence of pain"




At in8 chiropractic, we believe in improving quality of life through affordable and convenient chiropractic care.  Our team of Licensed and Experienced Chiropractors are here to serve.

  • Walk-in ANY time we are open

    • No appointments needed!

  •  $25 adjustments per visit 

  • SAVE $$: 

    •  $75 for 4 adjustments - save $25!

    • $200 for 12 adjustments - save $100!

                   (no expiration, may share with                            family and friends) 

  • No start-up fees

  • No contracts

  • No X-rays

  • No Insurance needed


CHOOSE YOUR location

With 7 locations throughout the area, convenient and affordable adjustments are offered on a walk-in basis. NO INSURANCE/NO APPOINTMENT needed.

We are proud to offer services 7 DAYS A WEEK! Office hours vary by location

Community Reviews

"First time at a Chiropractor and I'm definitely not disappointed. Affordable and completely worth it! Was in so much pain and now relieved!"

Kala P.

January 22, 2019

"I love that I can walk in when it's convenient for me.  Multiple locations.  Reasonable charge of $25."

Karen A.

March 17, 2017