Dr. Tom Vinick DC and Dr. John Fenn DC met the first day of chiropractic college at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. They spent the next four years studying chiropractic and playing on the much heralded Life Rugby Team.

After graduation, they both opened and ran their own practices for many years. After practicing in a traditional chiropractic insurance model, both doctors decided that disassociating with all insurance companies and making care affordable for everyone would be beneficial to all.

In 2010, they joined forces to open in8 chiropractic in Chesapeake, Virginia - and they have never looked back. Since making this change, they are serving more people in the Hampton Roads community than ever before and look forward to serving you, too.


Dr. Tom Vinick

Office Hours and Locations

Moyock, NC:

Mon - Thurs:          8:00a -:10:00a  & 3p-5p


Fri /Sat:                  8:00a -:10:00a